Sponsor a child means to help him to become a dutiful man in all respect and building his career for future life. In this respect PRAYAS will take the responsibility in credible manner. So when you sponsor a child with PRAYAS you can expect it may discharge the duty effectively by ensuring they get access to quality education, proper nutrition, healthcare and protection. Your sponsorship also helps poor and vulnerable communities to build a more enabling context for their children to be protected and cared for.

Our efforts towards making vulnerable communities aware of human values and their rights including the rights of children. Your sponsorship help us to perform right way to save the children in poor communities from crimes like child trafficking, child labour and child marriage. Eventually you help children to build their career to become better citizens for a better tomorrow.


  • To benefit and encourage every person in the child’s community to become a strong and productive member, thus moving the whole community towards self-reliance. Your support will provide a child with opportunities to access basic health care, quality education, good health, sanitation, access to clean drinking water, income generation programmes for their parents and much more. This gives an opportunity for children to experience a normal, healthy and happy childhood.


  • Quality education.
  • Identification self-esteem and self-efficacy.
  • Special coaching.
  • Good health.
  • Behavior Change Communication (BCC).
  • Knowledge Generation.