In the last 4 years, PRAYAS NABIN DOOT (Adolescent Clubs/ PND) has emerged as a key change-making organization focused on improving the condition of adolescents in the country. At PND, we design solutions that mobilize, equip, educate and empower adolescents to meet their full potential. We strive to create an ecosystem where all adolescents can demand and get their due entitlements. Our work addresses the challenges that they face in our country at various stages in their lives. At the core of our work and approach is the belief that gender equality is essential for development and democracy. Our programs are aimed at equipping adolescents with practical life skills, improved confidence in personal decision-making, and increased self-esteem. Our work ensures that adolescents have access to quality reproductive and maternal health care. We are committed to equal participation adolescents of girls/women in governance and leadership roles as a step towards building a stronger nation.


  • To build confidence and empower semi-literate and unemployed adolescent in rural, urban slum areas of our project area. The adolescent will be enabled to make fundamental decisions regarding health, hygiene and diet. In turn this will improve long term health and reduce maternal and neonatal mortalities due to poor nutrition. Their self-confidence and social status will be developed by imparting training on life skills such as communication, negotiation and fundamental legal rights. They will also receive vocational training to improve their livelihood opportunities. In a wider context, a more cohesive and nurturing social structure will be developed.


  • Life skills education for adolescents.
  • Skill development training on basic computer course.
  • Identification self-esteem and self-efficacy.
  • Special counseling to adolescent.
  • Formation of Adolescent Clubs (PRAYAS NABIN DOOT).
  • Capacity building of peer leaders.
  • Behavior Change Communication (BCC).
  • Knowledge Generation, Dissemination, Visibility.
  • Advocacy.