About us

Who we are

Progressive Rural Active Youths Action for Society – popularly know PRAYAS, is a social development organization working in underdeveloped regions of West Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand in India over 34 years to create positive and enduring change in lives of communities living in abject poverty and undue inequality. Founded in 1988, PRAYAS has grown into regional level agency with operations in three states. The core of the program implementation lies in community action and empowerment of powerless.

At present PRAYAS is governed by 7 Board members for a 22 term. The management of PRAYAS is led by Chief Functionary and a senior management team. PRAYAS program is implemented by over 30 staffs.

Our approach

Our Mission
PRAYAS works around the community to defeat poverty, injustice by empowering people.
Our Vision
We seek a prosperous community through oraganised people’s action.

Our five areas to focus

Education: Improve accessibility to quality education for all underprivileged of the community.
Health: Promote healthy lives, by improving access to preventive and curative health education, and quality healthcare link with Govt. Private Sector.
Livelihood: Help community members achieve financial stability and get individuals-and thus, families-on the road to economic independence.
Environment: Work towards the conservation and promotion of the environment and cultivate ecological responsibility as part of our culture.
Social inclusion: To endorse the right of every community member, to be included so that the community prospers as a whole.

Impact strategies

When an individual’s life changes, they can changes their community. When a community changes, they can change society.
1. By giving people the tools, support and the skills to lead dignified lives, they become champions of their communities and support others.
2. Working with CBOs, Adolescent groups, Women groups and different stakeholders based in West Bengal, Jharkhand and Bihar from within the affected communities themselves, we can ensure self-reliance and sustainability.
3. We bring these CBOs, Adolescent groups, Women groups and different stakeholders together, forming networks which can spread their benefit to more individuals, restarting the cycle of transformation.

Our Culture

  • Be collaborative
  • Be accountable
  • Be cost-effective
  • Make a difference
  • Team work
  • Accountability
  • Transparency

Approaches to development

  • Encompassing collective people’s action
  • Integrated development approach
  • Engaging with local governance system
  • Gender sensitive approach
  • Human rights-based approach
  • Inclusive approach
  • Environment sensitive approach

Geographical focus and target groups

At the outset PRAYAS; based on thorough scanning of socio-economic and political environment in West Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand. We overall focus of holistic development would be in the 7 districts identified based on certain broad indicators of development.
Children, Women and Adolescents across all section of target groups
Marginalized communities- Dalit & most backward and Muslim
Small & marginal Farmers & landless, migrant labour

Legal states:

  • Under West Bengal Society Registration No. S/54887
  • FCRA No. 147000224, Govt. of India
  • Registered u/s 12AB (URN: AABTP7408CE20130),
  • Exempted u/s 80G of I T Act, 1961 (URN: AABTP7408CF20104)
  • PAN: AABTP7408C
  • NITI Aayog: WB/2010/0030942
  • Registration No. CSR00012093 under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India.

Partner in Development

Asha for Education-USA, Vitamin Angels-USA, MEMISA-DGD,Belgium, Girl Not Bides- UK, Sitaram Jindial Foundation, Shamdasani Foundation, Robin Hood Army, RILM, United Way Mumbai, Guide Star India, VANI, Vibha VaniIIndia, ConnectFor, Rotary Club of Calcutta Metropolitan East, WBSEDCL,WBVHA, Help Your NGO.Com, NYK-Howrah, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sport Central & State Government etc.